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Congratulations, you could not have picked a more exciting time to investigate further the busy Central Florida Real Estate Market and the right professionals to assist you to achieve your Real Estate goals.

Rental and Realty Group has complete access to all homes listed for sale via the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in the area, current and past histories for complete analysis of a certain property, sub-division or zip code. We pride ourselves on providing clients with more knowledge and accurate facts on buying/selling and or renting procedures, to ensure you get exactly the property that suits your budget and needs.

Buyer Information on your agent

In Florida, your Sales agent, Realtor or Buyers Agent has to be Licensed and work for a Brokerage with an active up to date License. Your designated Agent (you can only work with one at one time) so you need to choose wisely and have full trust in their character and abilities.

They represent you and your interests only -- not theirs or anyone else’s, so you can have complete confidence in their advice and believe everything they state to you as true and factual.  You can divulge personal or transactional information with complete peace of mind; it goes no further, especially to other parties involved in the transaction. Your agent has full disclosure to you; not knowing is not an excuse.

As a Licensed Agent, we can perform for you the following:

  • Produce C.M.A’s Comparative Market Analysis to establish current market value
  • Compile offers to Seller and submit
  • Guide you through the Buying process and closing procedure
  • Check your credit score
  • Mortgage and Insurance company options and quotes
  • Produce area histories of sale prices, numbers sold or built
  • Celebrate with you on the conclusion of your purchase

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Davenport still attracts 2nd home buyers.

The days of $2 to the British pound are over, for now. If you bought in 2001 and sold in 2005 then you would have made a killing or hefty profit.

However, all is not lost. The cycle begins again and will replicate the opportunity on a larger scale. There are thousands of resale villas, homes, condos and townhomes along with new builder product of inventory up for sale, which has been massively reduced, allowing you to pick up discounted property’s 60-70% below the height or even less than reproduction cost creating a fantastic opportunity as prices begin to rise at buying in the right place at the right time.

The long term rental market has attracted many savvy investors who are purchasing homes to rent out and creating high return on investment yields due to very low sales prices against rental return income.  And of course the future capital appreciation of buying under valued homes, puts the icing on the cake along with an 8% + return on invested funds, especially when compared to bank interest rates or a volatile stock market.  Recent demand has already pushed the lower end homes under $80,000 up in value 20% plus, and continue to rise creating an over demand against product situation.

Bank owned properties/Foreclosures (Advertised as either)

  1. Short sale – original owner still involved, home has not been foreclosed, but is under a forced sale in foreclosure
  2. R.E.O or Real Estate Owner – property is owned by the Bank, original owner does not have title or rights anymore and you are dealing direct with the bank; can be purchased cash or with mortgage
  3. For Sale at Auction – sold to the highest bidder, no warranties, but sold direct from Bank, home was foreclosed on (cash buyers only)
    Email for the buying approach and timescales involved and we can give case by case forecasts and costs along with return scenarios for you.